At PDAMODS we have the perfect solution for low volume speakers built into PDAs. Our fully patented amplified speaker mount available exclusively at PDAMODS from the Silver Shield Powered Range will allow you to hear each and every word spoken by your navigation system with the utmost clarity - guaranteed. This mount will never fall off, it is by far the best mount we have seen.
  • Perfect for bluetooth and wired GPS navigation
  • Slot your PDA into the mount and you're ready to go
  • No messy wiring, simple two wire connection
  • Can be easily hard wired to give a neater solution
  • Charges your PDA continuously, never run out of power
  • Full volume control, we guarantee you that this is the loudest mount available
  • Works with most PDAs (additional adaptors available for future compatibility)
  • High quality silicone patented "Ultra-Suction" cup works in hot and cold climates
  • Foam side inserts holds PDAs securely
  • Spring Ratchet locking pivot point.
  • 5 angle positioning allowing you to set the perfect viewing angle
  • Can be transferred from one car to another
'The most important part of any navigation kit after the software is the mounting solution and the ability to hear the voice directions given by your PDA' David Rebberford T3 Magazine