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Home » GPS NAVIGATION & ACCESSORIES » Tomtom 6 GPS Navigator Pocket PC Kits

Tomtom 6 navigator Great Britain Wired Voice Navigation Kit & Silver Shield Speaker Mount
Tomtom 6 navigator Great Britain Wired Voice Navigation Kit & Silver Shield Speaker Mount

  • Tomtom 6 Navigator software on 512 MB Memory Card (included)
  • Includes full UK maps and Major Roads of Europe
  • UKs number one Sirf Star III Globalsat wired GPS receiver
  • Dual GPS and PDA charger worth £19.99
  • User Guide
  • Professional silver shield speaker mount included

Product highlights

  • Easy to install and use: The simple installation with TomTom HOME will get you on the road in minutes. The intuitive user menu gives you the perfect navigation experience.
  • Detailed maps of your region + the major roads of Europe on a memory card: Door-to-door navigation in your region and cross border navigation to any town in Europe.
  • Clear and accurate spoken and visual instructions: Easy to follow route instructions and crystal clear 2D or 3D maps lead you from door-to-door whether you travel by car, by bike or on foot
  • Easy call handling: Never miss a call or SMS message while navigating through on-screen instructions.

Tomtom 6 Navigation Kit Includes
1. Mini SD memory card with SD card converter,
containing TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 software and detailed map data of your country or region with cross border navigation to any town or city in Europ

2. Globalsat Sirf Start III Wired GPS Receiver,
the standard bluetooth gps receiver included with the tomtom kit. Click here for more information on the globalsat sirf star III gps receiver.
3. Car charger
12-24V cigarette lighter adapter that can also be used in trucks. So you can charge your GPS receiver even as you drive. Also includes plugs for the most popular PDAís and mobile phones.

4. Installation poster,
showing how to install TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 on your PDA (Please note this is not included with all kits, tomtom has replaced this with CDs)

5 . User manual CD, containing a full user manual

6. Quick start guide.

7 . Product code card.
You should use it to activate your navigation software online at www.ttcode.com
8. Mounting solution,
professional windscreen speaker mount with 5 patents,
click here for more information on the world renowned silver shield speaker mount.
Easy to use:
  • Easy to install: The simple installation with TomTom HOME will get you on the road in minutes.
  • Intuitive user menu: The easy-to-use menu gives you the perfect navigation experience
  • Portable: Easy to take with you whether you travel by car (using the TomTom in-car Holder), by bike or on foot

Best routes:

Clear instructions:
  • Clear user interface: Crystal-clear 2D or 3D graphics, nightview and 65,000 colours. For optimal visibility.
  • Realistic visual instructions: Visuals on your NAVIGATOR replicate road signs, making them easier to follow
  • Pedestrian centric map: View your position using the special 2D map view which is fixed in one position and which can be zoomed in and out for better orientation when navigating on foot.
  • Huge choice: TomTom NAVIGATOR speaks some 22 languages in over 50 different voices.

Call handling options
  • Easy call handling: On-screen instructions remain visible while making phonecalls or receiving SMS messages.

Smart extras:
  • TomTom HOME: Use TomTom HOME software to manage the files on your device (maps, etc), get new updates on your pc or Mac in advance, and much more.
  • Pre-installed Safety Cameras database: The most up-to-date available list of safety cameras is pre-installed on your NAVIGATOR. Click here for more information.

TomTom PLUS:
  • TomTom NAVIGATOR comes ready for a wide range of TomTom PLUS services and downloads, including:
  • Real-time traffic: Up-to-the-minute traffic information, jam alerts and road condition warnings. 1 month trial for free*, click here for offer and availability.
  • Safety cameras: Receive and report alerts when there are safety cameras coming up, fixed or mobile.
  • Points of Interest: Cafť, car park, cinema or petrol station. 1000ís of POIís pre-installed. Search by proximity to current location, on your route, near a specific city, etc.
  • TomTom Buddies: Instant Messaging and more, allowing a user to keep in touch with a selected group of people and keep track of their locations.

  • TomTom is committed to make driving more safely on the roads. Our navigation systems encourage you to get from A to B as safely as possible:
  • Speeding alert: Alerts you that youíre speeding, even if you're not in navigation mode.

  • Smallest, lightest and thinnest GPS receiver: easily fits in your pocket or in your bag
  • Compass mode available: displays compass on screen to have even more orientation while driving

  • Ready for more? TomTom PLUS services offers you traffic and weather information, additional voices, points of interests and much more.

3D navigation view

Clear 3D navigation view allows you to see your current position better, much in the same way that you would see the real world, intuitively. It is particularly helpful when navigating junctions and roundabouts.

Easy Address Entry

TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 has an intuitive approach to entering addresses. Usually you only need to type a few characters of the city or street name and you can select the right option from a list. You can specify the house number or select a nearby street crossing if you donít know the number.

Points of Interest

Your TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 stores thousands of useful points of interest like parking, petrol stations, hotels and restaurants, with an automatic alert option as you approach one.


Extra safety feature. TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 has a special low-glare night display setting. This uses colour schemes that are significantly easier for the eye to adjust to while driving at night. You can select between different colour styles suitable for night-time driving depending on your personal preferences.

Route Recalculation

Never be late again with the Navigator route recalculation feature. This allows instant re-routing around any unexpected obstacles you encounter on your journey, or if you simply take a wrong turn. You can avoid traffic congestion, roadworks, accidents or anything that slows you down. And if there is a road you just donít like, you can block that too!

Type of routes

Even more flexibility in your route planning: you can choose the type of route you want, whether itís the shortest, the fastest, or one that avoids road charges.

Free speed camera detection add on included with any tomtom kit purchased from pdamods Congestion charge re-routing module included. Tomtom traffic live information option service available.

512 MB Memory Card comes complete with street-by-street navigation information for Great Britain and include Major Roads of Europe for cross border European navigation:

Great Britain

Street Network Coverage:

Tomtom GPS mount

For use with:
Price: £136.17 (£163.40 Inc. VAT)

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