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Tomtom 3 navigator Great Britain SD / SDIO / MMC Voice Navigation Kit
Tomtom 3 navigator Great Britain SD / SDIO / MMC Voice Navigation Kit

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Full In Car Navigation

The full kit includes:

1. Globalsat Xtrac 2 High Sensitivity GPS receiver

2. TomTom version 3 voice navigation software for the UK with Speed camera detector.

3. Windscreen mount for the perfect mounting solution.

TomTom Navigator 3

TomTom Navigator

TomTom Navigator 3 transforms your Pocket PC into an easy-to-use personal navigation system. Route planning, map reading and finding a way around difficult traffic conditions are all taken care of. Plus there are numerous features to make travel by car easier and safer. With TomTom Navigator 3 you’ll always know where you are and how to get from A to B. Just start up the software and install the state-of-the-art TomTom GPS receiver included. Now you’re ready to enjoy all the benefits of personal navigation.
Crystal clear navigation
TomTom Navigator 3 has all the best elements of the highly successful first version, like uncluttered maps, easy-to-use controls, and crystal clear on-screen directions and verbal instructions. In this new version we’ve added many new features.

TomTom Navigator 3 couldn’t be easier to use. Just enter your destination using the large finger-touch on-screen keyboard and your journey is planned door-to-door from your current location. TomTom Navigator 3 even finds a way around any obstacles you encounter en route, like traffic congestion or roadworks, so you’re always on the right track!

You can zoom in and out to see everything from a whole country or region to a single house number or road feature. That means a complete and reliable picture of your journey every inch of the way.

Packed with bright ideas
TomTom Navigator 3 is packed with bright ideas to make your journey easier and save you time.
  • Door-to-door navigation using house numbers;
  • Compatibility with the address book in Pocket Outlook to allow route planning directly from your Contact Database;
  • A 'roadblock’ feature allowing instant re-planning around any unexpected obstacles you encounter on your journey, such as traffic congestion and roadworks;
  • The option of a vivid three-dimensional view of your journey - with clearly defined landmarks and landscapes - to help you get your bearings;
  • A special low-glare night display to prevent dazzle from the screen in low light or dark conditions;
  • Large finger-touch on-screen icons and keyboard for ultra-easy operation;
  • A huge store of points-of-interest providing location and contact details on a wide range of useful places like petrol stations, car parks, restaurants, hotels and cinemas;
  • Personalisable menus to prioritise the features most important to you.

The very latest maps and information
TomTom Navigator 3 features the very latest digital maps of Western Europe from Tele Atlas. These give comprehensive coverage of Western Europe, and include cross-border regions for certain countries and off-shore islands. They’re also incredibly accurate. Yet despite containing more information than ever, they don’t take up more memory thanks to the latest memory-saving techniques.

Wherever you are TomTom Navigator 3 gives you the knowledge on local points-of-interest. It also remembers your recent trips and all your important personal locations like home, work and that favourite picnic spot!

The GPS receiver
Until recently in-car navigation technology was only available in built-in systems. TomTom Navigator 3 is the flexible alternative, actually giving you more features for less cost.

The GPS receiver is a state-of-the-art device which is extremely precise and sensitive. Like travellers of old, it looks for objects in the sky to determine its own location - the main difference being that modern satellites are visible night and day, be it cloudy or clear. The GPS receiver is also truly portable: just unplug it and bring it with you and your Pocket PC.

And with all this, TomTom Navigator 3 is still only a fraction of the cost of a built-in car navigation system. It’s definitely
the smart choice in personal navigation!

What do you get with the package
TomTom Navigator 3 Package comes with:
  • Original TomTom Version 3 Great Britain Voice Software
  • SD Card GPS Receiver
  • Windscreen mount



5 MB of free memory to install and 5 MB extra to run the application.

Map Coverage: 100% of the population, with 100% housenumber coverage.

Memory requirements: the complete, fully-connected map of Great Britain requires 95 MB. The CDROM also provides a choice of 64 MB segments, 32 MB segments and 16 MB segments.

Recommended Upgrades

  • Additional memory for your pocket pc, we recommend purchasing 128 MB CF Card or SD ram card so that you can install the complete maps of Great Britain.
  • If you have more than one car then an additional GPS receiver and mount may be a worthwhile purchase enabling you to transport your PDA from one car to another without moving all your equipment.
  • Add the European map pack which includes the following countries:
    • France
    • Italy
    • Spain/Portugal
    • Denmark/Norway/Sweden
    • Germany/Austria/Switzerland
    • Netherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
    • Finland
    • Great Britain
  • Tomtom has also released the TomTom Navigator USA map pack giving you a complete set of maps for the United States.

For use with:
More memory:
Price: £170.20 (£204.24 Inc. VAT)
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