ViVo Leathers:

All leather used in our products are Full Grain cowhide. These hides are from the top ten percent of Argentine leather and are selected for quality, strength, character and grain. They have not been altered in any way thereby allowing the natural markings and character to show through. Full Grain cowhide is generally much cleaner and has minimal scarring and insect bites. This results in a more expensive product than other altered grain leathers, but we feel this is warranted to produce a product of extremely high quality.

Why to choose a ViVo leather case?

  • Leather is incredibly strong! When maintained correctly, leather has a very long life expectancy.
  • Leather is naturally burn resistant. It is the only upholstery material that does not require additional flame retardants to meet airline specifications.
  • Leather is non-allergenic. All dust particles can be fully removed which makes it ideal for people with sensitivity to this type of allergen.

  • Leather is unmatched in feel and the distinctive smell is what gives it one of its most recognizable and desirable traits.

  • Flexibility: Leather stretches and "moves" to conform to individual contours, yet still retains sufficient strength to provide support.

  • Durability: Leather "breathes", allowing air in and moisture out. A natural insulator, leather protects against extremes both in temperature and humidity.

  • Beauty: Leather, by its very nature, comes in a wide range of pleasing textures and surface patterns. It's also extremely malleable in the areas of finishing processes, designs and color applications. The unmistakable feel and scent of leather also heighten its appeal.

  • Leather is like good wine: Leather only gets better with age. As leather ages and is used regularly, its beauty deepens and its natural character becomes more apparent. It also becomes softer and attains its characteristic "lived in" look and feel. With the appropriate care, it will last for years to come.